5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Because You Know Your Dogs Are Family

Wow, Christmas is just around the corner, isn’t it? Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday flew by, and you missed your chance on some “great deals” for Christmas.

Because let’s face it, you probably need to buy presents for everyone even though they’re your favorites or not.

However, there’s one special “someone” in your life for whom you’d max out your credit card — the one you would never buy a gravy bowl, new pajamas, or an ugly Christmas sweater.

And this special someone is exactly why we have created a list with the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs. So, take your pick because everything on it will make your pooch’s Holidays perfect!


Collars by Design Winter Collection

You’re already known at the dog park as the owner who would sell the world for their dog. Believe me, that’s just envy. The same type of envy everyone feels when you take your dog out for a walk. He’s always the prettiest, most elegant, dapper looking fella.

We have prepared an amazing collection of holiday collars for dogs, all attentively created for sassiness and durability. 

So, you can give us a shot on your dog gift lists (Caution, you may end up buying more than one)!

Shop Our Winter Collection HERE


Custom Leash To Match Collar

What would sassy be without a perfect assortment? We know you care about your dog’s reputation on walks, so we’re not letting you down with this suggestion.

Collars by Design has created the perfect custom leash to match a collar. With choices including fabric and size, you’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood when you go out for a walk.

And the best part is that we included some traditional Christmas and fall patterns which you can usually find on not-too-shabby human accessories as well.

Shop Our Matching Leashes HERE


Dog Collar Bows

Let’s get serious now, shall we? Christmas will be gone in a split second. And then comes the New Years’ Eve party. You already have your outfit (hopefully, otherwise you’re in big trouble). So, does your beloved pet have his?

Luckily we’ve got your back! Because, with the “Choose Your Fabric” - Dog Collar Bow from Collars by Design, your pup can look dapper as John Draper in Mad Men (don’t disappoint us again, please). 

He’ll definitely make an appearance and might even steal some hearts at the party. Who knows?

Shop Our Dog Collar Bows HERE



Matching Bracelets

Everyone knows your pup is the love of your life. I bet you might even have more pictures of those fluffy ears than you have of your kids (no worries, we won’t tell). So why not make it official?

And the holidays are the best time for new promises. It’s already a statistic that most marriage proposals happen during the winter holidays.

Well, we have our own version of a pup engagement: Matching Friendship Bracelet to your Collar Order. It’s easy to order, and your pup will definitely understand its meaning, creating an even stronger bond between you two BFFs.

Shop Our Matching Bracelets HERE


Laser Engraved Personalized Buckles

We understand the need for being fashionable. However, we have created Collars by Design to blend fashion with our main purpose: safety. We know your dog is the best gift you could have received, for Christmas or any other occasion. 

We also know they’re energetic, snappy, out of focus, sometimes stubborn. No matter how safe you want to keep them by your side, there might come a day where they run too far and lose themselves.

This is why we created the personalized laser engraved buckles. This simple detail can help whoever finds your beloved pet can contact you in an instant. And also comfort your pooch until you arrive, just by knowing their name.

Shop Our Personalized Buckles HERE


We all hope you have an amazing Holiday Season, filled with warmth, eggnog, and lots of cuddles! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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